Only when child care is equal between mothers and fathers will there be real equality both in terms of women and men being able to dedicate the same amount of time to career and form relationships with their kids.

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Both parents need to be encouraged to actually USE the parental leave they're given. I know policies of mandatory paternity leave exist in some European countries already, but I would have loved that here in the States when we had our children. We're not even guaranteed paid holidays or time off, maternity leave is a joke as best, and paternity leave is nonexistent in most cases.

And yet...

In the long run it's even good for the soulless corporations too - they tend to be like spoiled children, wanting everything that makes them feel good now, but having better cared-for children, equal advancement for both genders and more stable families really is good for everyone. Sometimes you just have to force them to take measures that are good in the long run.

That's just the short answer though. There's more in the details...