I looked at some wedding trends for 2017, it is sort of a hobby of mine, but I am also in the process of helping organize a bridal shower so it is also research. Should I have been surprised when Vogue criticized a rustic trends? I mean I guess if you live in NYC then you are too good for it, but there way of shunning it was totally uncalled for.

Please read the article. I feel like I am being too critical, but at the same time Vogue sounds like they're taking a picking on anyone using the boho/rustic aesthetic. This mentally t sort of reminds me of that episode of "Say Yes to the Dress." The show is mostly cute and funny and sometimes touching. But it really does remind me of the way Randy reacted when the bride wanted to wear wedge sneakers. Who cares it is her wedding.

I did the same thing. It's not so much a fashion statement as it was about comfortable. My dress was long enough that nobody saw them and I do NOT wear heels, ever. I wear flats almost everywhere. Both in private and professional so the fact that I wore anything was a miracle. I almost just said the heck with it and bought these but my future husband wanted me in "heels!"

Everybody has a different taste and that it was I find the Vogue article was, too harsh. If you don't agree, don't, but there is no reason to be so cruel. I think what bothered me the most is that it made me really sad actually. They reminded me of the girls in school.

My sister is having a food truck (along with a catered buffet), a flower crown and whatever else she feels like. And I doubt her barn wedding is original (I know it's not) but she wants the "rustic romantic" look, who cares that it is the current fad right now. She holds a degree in equine science. And the plan of getting married at a barn makes sense to her.

And you would just have something like that sold to you if you had a wedding planner. Sure they would doll it all up. Make it sound original, but they would just sell you the same thing that they have sold to other people. Another things is that I felt that the people quoted were party planners for the rich and beautiful.

So what if it is the "it" wedding right now.

People will say things like "you don't want to look dated in your photos."

But your photos capture a point in time. When you look back at them they will look dated, because they are, and that's ok!