Cooking up a storm

My mom would make this about once a month and for my dad's birthday:

  1. Home made fried chicken
  2. Biscuits from scratch with butter, and strawberry jam
  3. Broccoli with cheese
  4. Mashed potatoes with gravy made from the chicken drippings
  5. Sweet ice tea
  6. Banana pudding with waffers

That was it, simple, delicious and it tasted like home. How I can match that for my kids it as question I may never answer but I do make a delicious pasta sauce from scratch that leaves them hungry for more. But I am not sure if they will remember it the same way that I remember that treat.

My grandma used to make the best Shepard's Pie ever. I was so giddy everytime I knew she was making it.

Sorry, I guess I just felt sentimental today.