I've developed a food mantra that I wanted to share. It's simple enough that it's a good thing to "set intentions" around, and it helps me shift my focus. This helps me know i'm not going to starve myself because - well, if I'm depriving myself I'm going to feel awful.

"My body is not a trashcan." (This is a slightly modified version of what Jack Lalanne was told.)

And while it sounds terrible, it has helped me realize I care about my body, and if I'm feeding my body trash...I'm going to feel like garbage.

I was on Weight Watchers for two years, I enjoyed the program but it didn't work for me. I don't think tracking was maintainable for me long term. I know people that have made this into a religion. By tracking calories they tell me that they are able to eat everything, yet they still have to fight.

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By lifting weights and focusing on macros/calories it is allowing me to control how my body looks and get to a desired lean body shape that I have always wanted.

This is through personal devotion and hard work. Not by buying into hype, the products that will "give" you the chance to circumvent the actual aspect of this, well, you are only cheating yourself. At first I hated the taste of oatmeal, well, there was a problem but it was easy to fix. At first I had to force myself to choke it down. But was this a problem with the food or with who I had become. After a while I realized that it wasn't the food. I just expected this mental stimulation from the food that the junk was giving me. I expected it to be sweet or salty, but it was strange, after I had eaten oatmeal for a while I started to feel great. I had tons of energy and I want to get out and be active. Also I learned that I was responsible for preparing the food. Making it taste the way I wanted.

And my whole prespective shifted.

Your body runs off what you put in. Why would we throw extra salt, fat, and a bunch of other stuff we don't need to our meals?