One thing that I had to adjust to when I started to take care of myself and cook the food that we ate was trying to do the calorie calculation when cooking from scratch without package information.

But it is just a snack

Actually it is a really simple process. But I will share it with you so that you may get motivated and start doing it as well.

When you cook from scratch, add up all of the caloric values for each of the ingredients. For example if you cook a soup, after you added up all of the calories, if you decide to make the serving size a cup, simply divide the total amount of calories by the number of cups.

To find the calories in a turkey burger or ground meat in general is tough, because different brands will have different macronutrients/calories.

But what I do for most meats, look up the nutrition for the percentage lean meat you have and that will be universal. Fruits and veggies will have the same nutrition no matter where you get them from if you get them raw.

Also check the official ratings for raw ingredients are usually good, but you can also check the USDA site if you aren't sure. Some items do have nutrition facts even if they are raw ingredients, so be sure to double check. I know some people weigh out the food they make and then set 100g as the serving size and then you can just weigh and not worry about eating exactly 1 cup or whatever. In otherwords divide the total amount by the amount per serving to find the number of servings.

Divide the total calories by the number of servings to find the calories per serving.

It is as simple as that.