Fond memories

If you wanted me to be part of your adult life you shouldn't have been a jackass growing up.

For me family is th most important aspect of my life. But while I have talked about my family. I rarely mention that I have a brother. Mainly because he has been a pain in the neck my whole life.

My brother and I never got along and when I tried recently to repair the relationship, he completely ruined it. He broke any and all trust I could ever have for for him and I am not a lesser person for admitting it. I refuse to allow him into my life because of his toxic attitude and bad behavior. I mean, how manyof you have an older brother who even at age 35 still thinks its ok to use violence against you.

I'm as close, or closer, to my friends than I will ever be to him.

Yet, here he is knocking on my door again.

Some people are just assholes. sometimes those people are your family. it's ok to not want a relationship with any asshole, regardless of their affiliation with you.