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I tend to use lots of checklists and todo lists to a make sure things get done, and offload having to think about, and worry about them constantly.

Which lets me get straight to work.

Recently I've been just having coffee first thing in the morning and then making breakfast later or going out.

Yet, for me personally I try not to fall into a routine, otherwise I'll expect it and rely on it too much. Like if I always make coffee every morning, then I suddenly run out, or am too busy, I feel kinda shitty for the rest of the day. For me, every morning is a little bit different, mostly depending on how late I was working last night, who's still at home when I wake, where I wake, etc.

I know I'll use any little interruption as an excuse to procrastinate so I have worked out a routine. It goes like this: I start my morning with meditation, the doing some exercises, breakfast while listening audio book, after breakfast and then I will start working.

  • Set an alarm for 9:40pm. This alarm is a "heads up -- it's getting close to bedtime" alarm. I've got 10 minutes to finish up my digital activities. Then brush teeth and prep for bed. Looking at a screen right before bed contributes to insomnia, so I spend the next 15 minutes reading a book. Not a kindle... an actual book. Also on my laptop I've got f.lux installed, so the screen temperature matches the time of day (apparently helps with sleep transition as well).
  • Lights out at 10:15pm
  • Alarm wakes me up at 5:50am. I snooze for 5 minutes, using those 5 minutes to let the morning light wake me up gently, sitting up to let blood flow from my head.
  • Meditate for 15 minutes. Skipping morning meditation is like a surgeon skipping his hand-washing before surgery: he's likely to infect the next person he touches.
  • 10 minutes of core and aerobic exercises, to music.
  • Grab a protein shake and breakfast quinoa I made the night before. Munch and shower.
  • I prioritize my day in Workflowy: what are the most valuable tasks I can get done today? Usually small effort / big impact tasks top the list. Stretch goals? What's on my todo-list but I'm NOT gonna get to today? Call that stuff out.