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To me, family is WAY more important than career. A job is a means of survival, and ideally should interfere with family as little as possible.

Yet, the survival is the part that keeps me coming back every day. I am perpetually exhausted. Happy, fulfilled, challenged, but exhausted. There are some things I have done to work on striking balance. I find that insulating my family from the day job is important.

My husband does not bring work home but I have to and so it ca conflict with my views.

What I do is simple, I do all my planning for the week on Saturday or Sunday morning, but NOT both. I work collaboratively with colleagues who share the same job with me, I will do Saturday or Sunday and they will cover the other day. What I dois wake up early while everyone else is sleeping in, go out on my back porch with a cup of coffee and spend 3-5 hours working with few distractions compared to the business of the work week.

I allow myself the freedom from perfection. I know I could do better if I sacrificed my family a little but I won't.

Your best at both is impossible!