A string of lights

The only time that I see my brother now is when he "happens" to be at my mother's house, which means he wants something from one of us.

I seriously don't know what is up with him.

We were raised the same, but well, we do not get along. He is older than I am by a couple of years. But that isn't the thing. All my life he has only felt the need to make things hard for me.

Now he needs something, but it is not for him. He is getting married. He skipped that part the first time and just went stright to making babies. Babies he hasn't see in years.

But this time is "for real."

Now he wants me to organize a bridal shower for her and welcome her into our family. Introduce her to our friends. People he has no conact to and doesn't want contact with. I am honestly at a loss. We'll see.

I'm still the queen