I think you can tell a lot about the world that we live in when you look at the first world problems that we have. I use to work at a Dairy Queen.

One day a women came in and asked for a Arctic Rush, which if you have been to the DQ it is basically a slushie, but she wanted it without the flavoring in it.

I didn't really think much of it until she was leaving and I heard her tell her friend she was on a diet and it was only "crushed ice". She left before I could tell her that the stuff used to make the "crushed ice" has a TON of sugar in it while the other packet is just the flavor, it could also have sugar in it, but I don't remeber. She was not the only person to assume this in my multiple years working there during college.

Sugar is in every corner of our society and if you don't pay attention you will end up surprised.

But if you ask me the whole food situtuation is sort of messed up.

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What I mean is, I never understood the purpose of putting the word "breakfast" before a kind of food to make it "okay" to eat the first thing in the morning.

Breakfast pizza springs to mind.

While I do like breakfast pizza, any pizza I decide I want to eat at 7am is breakfast pizza. I'm an adult, so if I want to eat a slice of cake first thing in the morning, I don't feel like I need to justify it by giving it a special name.

But there are so many things. My mom made Zucchini bread. And since it was with zucchini it had to be healthy. Then I asked for the recipe, and well after two cups of sugar, nothing can be healthy.